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Real data. Better decisions. 

SimiTree is pioneering the healthcare revolution. Our Enterprise Business Intelligence solution uses integrated data to empower behavioral health and post-acute organizations to make data-informed decisions, drive growth, provide purpose, and predict the future. Underneath the elegant simplicity of its business intelligence interface lies cutting-edge technology that users can’t live without.

Information is nothing without action.

Leveraging insights from your data, our experts identify opportunities to improve your financial, clinical, and operational performance.

QAPI with Home Health Agency SimiTree

See your productivity.

Monitor productivity trends across your divisions, programs, teams, and even individual staff.

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Let your cash flow.

Optimize cash flow by understanding payments, adjustments, and open balances by key dimensions.

Executive Search with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Know your success triggers.

Answer the golden question: what does it take and how much does it cost to improve lives?

Data Analytics with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Your world, at a glance.

Use service counts/hours by date, staff, program, diagnosis, etc. to identify detailed trends in your business model.

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One foundation. Endless benefits.

With our Enterprise Business Intelligence solution, you can identify the data that matters and take action with purposeful insights. Capabilities include…

  • Data from all of your applications
  • High-level indicators and actionable details
  • Visualizations defined by healthcare experts
  • Continuous growth in features and functions
  • Simple creation of your own dashboards
  • Benchmarking across states and systems
Clinical Consulting Services with Home Health Agency SimiTree 1300000 +

Consumers in platform

Operations Consulting with Home Health Agency SimiTree 100000000 +

Services in platform

Outsourced Revenue Cycle with Home Health Agency SimiTree 50000 +

Hours of platform development

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Rapid Business Intelligence Tool


The Rapid Deployment Business Intelligence Tool is our base package that uses data to drive formative change across the entire organizational health spectrum. However you use Rapid BI, it’s the backbone that has your back.

Add-ons that add value.

Depending on your organizational needs, Rapid BI and Enterprise Business Intelligence dashboards can be tailored with individual packages that improve business-specific outcomes and enhance client care. Review additional packages below:

Are clients getting the care they need when they need it? Ensure that every client is receiving the care they need and deserve, and back up your care recommendations with insightful data.

How are your clients doing with key physical health issues? Dissected data could reveal trending health complications that inform important care decisions for your client population.

Are you maximizing your time spent with clients? Identify potential shortcomings and inefficiencies by reassessing your practice with data.

Are you truly getting paid what you expect and deserve? Easy-to-view dashboards provide income statements, balance sheets, budgets, revenue cycle management metrics, and more.

Do you have enough margin on services to grow your business? Identify how to price individual services in a manner that will uphold care standards while yielding necessary revenue.

What does it cost — and how long does it take — to achieve a specific client outcome? Providing care is paramount for the client. Providing value is paramount for your organization.

How is your organization performing on standard measures? Keep a close eye on metrics that are important for internal standards and promotional materials.

How do your services fit in the entire spectrum of care for your clients? Every client is at a unique stage and requires a specific approach.

Are clients recovering as expected? When a client receives the necessary care, it’s imperative that their pathway to recovery is monitored.


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