Leading the industry in recruiting and executive placement.

As the nation’s top recruiting and executive search entity focusing exclusively on the home care, hospice and applied behavioral analysis (ABA) fields, SimiTree fills a unique niche in the talent field.

SimiTree places talent 20 percent faster than most firms — because of thorough knowledge of the markets, market dynamics and their unique challenges, while maintaining an extensive and impressive proprietary network of qualified candidates.

team member Eric Scharber

“Having the right leadership in place is the biggest challenge organizations are facing right now. ”

SimiTree Managing Principal Eric Scharber

20+ years of experience

For clients that want more, SimiTree delivers.

SimiTree clients are looking for candidates with more than the right skills and qualifications. They need strong leadership from executives who comprehend the complexities of the market, have the insight to achieve strategic objectives and know how to drive key performance areas for operational efficiency, reduced risk and maximum reimbursement.

SimiTree delivers what other healthcare recruiting and placement firms can’t: an exclusive focus on leadership needed for home care, hospice and ABA.

With expertise across the entire market spectrum — from the latest M&A activity in the field to current guidance on the newest regulations — you get a distinct advantage in sourcing candidates. SimiTree understands what it takes to effectively lead organizations because SimiTree experts know the market so well, and know where to find leaders who can fill those roles.

The right fit for all.

With more than 2,500 placements and a continuing track record of high client satisfaction, when SimiTree pairs capabilities and credentials with companies and cultures, it’s the right fit for all.

SimiTree delivers:

  • An impressive niche network of thousands
  • 20 percent faster placement than industry standard
  • High client satisfaction record
  • Market comprehension for better placement

Services include:

  • High-End Executive Search/Recruiting
  • Interim Management
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Leadership Development Training
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SimiTree transforms businesses.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Clinical, financial and operational expertise uniquely delivers top-notch services and approaches to raise performance levels for clients across the spectrum. Deep understanding about the markets and the needs of clients means SimiTree delivers the right candidates for effective leadership.

The ability to help your organization find the right leaders to drive performance is just one of the ways SimiTree can make your organization stronger, healthier and better able to focus on patient needs.

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