Ensure a healthy bottom line with better data.

SimiTree connects home care, hospice and post-acute facilities with powerful data to grow and sustain a competitive edge. Analytics provide information you need to make strategic decisions and accurate projections, as well as refine operations to build a better business model.

Take a detailed look at market trends to identify untapped potential and understand how your competitors are performing. Compare your own performance in cost structure and financial management to state and national norms. Gain new, numbers-backed perspective about drivers of revenue and expenses under PDGM. SimiTree helps you capture, interpret and use data to transform your post-acute organization.

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SimiTree is committed to helping organizations capture and interpret data to provide new perspective that will transform home health and hospice operations. Services include:

Financial Benchmarking Healthcare Consultants

Financial Benchmarking

Compare payer-specific margins and detailed financial metrics to state and national averages.

PDGM Impact Analysis Healthcare Consultants

PDGM Impact Analysis

Gain insight into the expected impact of changes and get numbers crucial for budgeting.

Healthcare Market Referral Analysis

Market Assessment

Quantify your position in the market with trended share data for your agency and competitors in the space, including hospital discharge patterns and referral trends.

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