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SimiTree’s dedicated outsourcing teams give healthcare organizations access to a robust array of crucial services, offering the expertise needed to thrive in a complex regulatory environment. From coding and OASIS review services to full revenue cycle management, SimiTree outsourcing experts provide the skill, knowledge and experience for compliance, efficiency and profitability — becoming a valued extension of your team to help accelerate cash flow.

SimiTree knows the hurdles and clears them with proficiency. When handling your coding and OASIS or managing your revenue cycle, an eye for quality is brought to the details. You’re certain that key OASIS items are answered accurately for optimal Value-Based Purchasing performance scoring. SimiTree experts ensure that important comorbidity adjustments aren’t overlooked. You are steered around insurance verification issues that can clog the revenue cycle from the beginning, while making sure all the new NOA requirements are met.

When you outsource the work to SimiTree, your submission of pre-claim reviews can be managed under RCD, or your ongoing quality performance can be monitored under QAPI. You get the quality work done that’s needed to make your organization stronger, so that you can deliver the quality care your patients need.

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SimiTree helps healthcare organizations more easily meet regulatory requirements for billing, collections, coding & OASIS and more. These outsourced services enable SimiTree experts to become part of your team – establishing efficient processes, improving accuracy, accelerating cash flow and maximizing reimbursement. Services include:

Healthcare Outsourced Revenue Cycle

Outsourced Revenue Cycle

Gain peace of mind when you put your revenue cycle in the hands of experts with these services: 

  • Outsourced Billing & Collections — Improve accuracy to get paid the right amount at the right time. 
  • Outsourced Insurance Verification & Authorization — Ensure accuracy with a solid foundation from the outset of the revenue cycle. 
  • Outsourced Document Management — Minimize delays in billing by capturing accurate and compliant documentation in a timely manner.
Outsourced Coding & OASIS

Outsourced Coding & OASIS

See the difference SimiTree quality makes in important PDGM reimbursement components, with these services: 

  • Accurate coding from a staff well versed in the nuances and complexities of PDGM methodology as well as the latest coding conventions. 
  • OASIS accuracy for key performance measures under VBP, functional impairment items under PDGM and patient outcomes. 
  • An agency-specific dashboard for tracking quality and reimbursement metrics that matter.
Healthcare Outsourced Review Choice Demonstration (RCD)

Outsourced Review Choice Demonstration (RCD)

Increase your confidence and decrease your staff burden with SimiTree’s full pre-claim review submission services.

Healthcare Outsourced Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

Outsourced Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

Strengthen and improve quality performance with ongoing support to meet CoPs requirements.

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