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The industry’s leading healthcare retention firm for Home Health, Hospice, and Behavioral Health.

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Keeping talent has never been more important.

Smart practices help clients meet retention challenges. Personnel at all levels are more difficult to both attract and keep than at any time in recent history. Healthcare has been particularly hard hit. Difficult challenges require specialty expertise, and SimiTree leads the industry in talent retention strategies for Home Health, Hospice, and Behavioral Health organizations. These are the only types of organizations we serve, so we know more about them than anyone in the industry.

The best retention strategies are proactive.

Retaining employees doesn’t start when they’re thinking of leaving. We work with you to develop insights and strategies that are designed to retain employees from the first day they start. Retention is a process that’s ongoing, not a reaction to a situation that’s arisen. Our smart strategies are built around three basic premises. For the best fit in retention strategies, the nation’s leading Home Health, Hospice, and Behavioral Health organizations choose SimiTree more than any other healthcare talent resource.


Protect specialty knowledge

In heavily regulated industries such as Home Health, Hospice, and Behavioral Health, know-how and experience carry incredible value.


Assess and correct vulnerabilities

Do what it takes to avoid turnover in key positions that could have serious financial ramifications.


Hold onto talented employees

Promote stability in the workplace to avoid disruption, reduce cost, and accelerate growth.

A comprehensive suite of retention services.

Clinical Consulting Services with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Customized Employee Engagement Surveys.

Employees in your market are looking for better work-life balance, more efficient technology in the workplace, and ongoing training to help them stay abreast of regulatory demands. But understanding these market generalities won’t be enough for organizations to fully address retention.

  • Conduct targeted, custom-designed engagement surveys.
  • Identify issues specific to the organization.
  • Evaluate results and provide an in-depth summary of key findings.
  • Offer specific recommendations and industry insight on those issues.
Internal Staffing with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Compensation and Benefits Package Analysis.

SimiTree’s impressive data analytics capabilities offer clients a comprehensive overview of how they measure up against competitors, with real-time and accurate compensation and benefits comparisons from our experienced consultants.

  • Gain strategic and competitive market insights.
  • Provide accurate compensation data for targeted roles.
  • Design incentive compensation plans that add value to the business.
  • Create earning opportunities for employees.
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Leadership Development Programs.

As organizations realize the value of employees with industry-specific knowledge, they’re looking to develop more robust leadership training programs and recruit from within. SimiTree can help, providing the guidance to create a work environment and tools that make employees feel like an active participant in the organization that gives them an investment in remaining.

  • Assess needs and develop a strong internal leadership training program.
  • Show organizations how to maintain an ongoing leadership culture that promotes growth and retention.

You get real results.


Industry-leading market data and insight.

Help make strategic decisions impacting recruitment and retention.


Expert assessments of key areas.

Compare organizational performance vs. the overall industry.


Customized assessment tools.

The most meaningful measurements of employee satisfaction.


Full strategic guidance.

Thoughtful analysis and informed perspective for leadership development.