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The Ultimate Revenue Maximization Guide for Home Health and Hospice Providers in Post-Acute Care

Post-acute care is essential for patients after their stay in an acute care hospital, and it aims to maximize health, prevent complications, and promote independence. This blog post discusses strategies for home health and hospice providers in post-acute care to maximize revenue while delivering high-quality care.

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Avoid the #1 Claim Rejection: Are your home health patients eligible for insurance reimbursement?

In the home health industry, eligibility issues are the #1 reason for claim rejections.

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Top 3 Barriers to Behavioral Health Treatment

Most people in the U.S. who have a mental illness or substance use disorder are not receiving the care they need. Removing these top three barriers to behavioral health treatment can make a world of difference.

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Jennifer Malpica and Carlos Vasquez, Revenue Cycle Management Managers

Employee Spotlight: Meet Jennifer Malpica and Carlos Vasquez, Revenue Cycle Management Managers  In this edition of SimiTree’s Employee Spotlight, we are happy to introduce Jennifer Malpica, Revenue Cycle Operations Manager, and…

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What Are Payers Looking for at Utilization Review for Behavioral Health Treatment?

Gain a better understanding of what utilization review is, along with what payers are looking for when deciding whether to continue paying for behavioral health treatment.

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Public Health Expiration May 11: What Home Health and Hospice Agencies Need to Know

With the public health emergency ending, it's important for home health and hospice agencies to stay informed. Learn about the regulatory changes your agency needs to know to stay compliant post COVID-19.

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Navigating the Challenges of Post-Acute Care in the COVID-19 Era: Solutions and Strategies for Home Health Agencies

SimiTree offers comprehensive solutions for complex issues in the post-acute care, home health, and hospice markets. Our expert team provides effective strategies and tools to optimize patient outcomes and revenue, including QAPI program implementation. Learn more about how SimiTree can help your organization thrive

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Top 3 Struggles with OASIS-E: How to overcome increased workload, new data sets, and more

Looking for ways to improve your home health agency's OASIS-E performance? From identifying common errors to implementing effective quality assurance measures, our expert tips and strategies will help you navigate the complexities of OASIS-E with confidence.

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Preparing for Post-COVID: Changes to Behavioral Health Telehealth Services 

The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency ended on May 11, 2023. Learn how this might impact behavioral health professionals who provide telehealth services.

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