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We’re excited to announce that Simione and BlackTree are coming together to move the industry forward.



A merger of equals.

SimiTree brings together two companies in their prime to provide the scale and service our clients need to grow like never before.

Our leadership.
  • Billy Simione
  • David Berman
  • Rob Simione
  • Eric Scharber
  • Mike Freytag
  • Todd Montigney
  • Nick Seabrook
  • Jess Stover

Business and Care Aligned

Our new tagline – Business and Care Aligned – speaks to our balanced approach. 

We bring together clinical, financial and operational expertise to align the people, processes and technology within our clients’ organizations. SimiTree’s name and brand highlight our strengths.


We build alignment.

A new company requires a new elevator pitch. Use these two sentences to clearly articulate what SimiTree is, what we do and who we do it for.

SimiTree Healthcare Consulting helps post-acute care providers grow stronger and healthier by optimizing operations and revenue while maintaining clinical excellence.

We bring industry expertise and a wide range of proven solutions together to guide organizations through challenges, changes and growth.

A rich legacy with deep roots.

SimiTree brings together the best of Simione and BlackTree. The best people, solutions and relationships.

Together, we’re stronger than ever – and prepared to take on whatever’s next.