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Rapid Data.

Meaningful Insights.

SimiTree Afia Analytics is pioneering the healthcare revolution. Our Afia Navigator analytics platform integrates data from all source systems to provide individual organization and aggregate insights out-of-the-box, with add-ons for Population Health, Referral Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Productivity, Clinical Quality Measures, and Value-Based Care. Our platform empowers providers, care management entities, and payers across behavioral health service lines to make data-informed decisions, drive growth, provide purpose, and predict the future. Underneath the elegant simplicity of its business intelligence interface lies cutting-edge technology that users can’t live without.

QAPI with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Prove that what you do makes a difference.

Show how you reduce inpatient and ED readmissions and illustrate that the populations you serve improve under your care.

PDGM Impact Analysis with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Let your cash flow.

Optimize net collection, reduce denial rates, and manage AR by monitoring charges, payments, adjustments, and open balances by key filters, including payers, level of care, locations/facilities, service codes, and more.

Healthcare Executive Search with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Be a value-based care leader.

Answer your biggest question: How much does it cost to improve lives?

Data Analytics with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Your world, at a glance.

Feel confident that you have a single source of auditable truth that you can use to manage your business with financial, operational, and clinical insights.

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One foundation.

Endless benefits.

With Afia Navigator and the IQ add-on bundles, you can monitor the data that matters and take action with purposeful insights. Capabilities include:

  • Data integration that meets you where you are — no need to change your workflows
  • High-level indicators & benchmarks, with actionable details
  • Meaningful visualizations defined by Behavioral Health and experts
  • Continuous enhancement releases in features and functions
  • The ability to create your own dashboards
  • Aggregate data capabilities with the ability to benchmark regionally and nationally
Clinical Consulting Services with Home Health Agency SimiTree 1000000 +

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Operations Consulting with Home Health Agency SimiTree 100000000 +

Services in platform

Outsourced Revenue Cycle with Home Health Agency SimiTree 50000 +

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More than analytics.

A partner in transformation.

At SimiTree, we pride ourselves on being more than just an analytics company — we are your strategic partner in transforming healthcare data into actionable insights. Here's what sets us apart:

  • EHR Agnostic: We are proficient in seamlessly integrating data from all sources. This means a unified, comprehensive view of your data landscape.
  • Behavioral-Centric: Our approach is behavioral-centric, enabling more targeted and effective strategies.
  • Real-time Data: Experience the power of real-time data delivery, ensuring that critical information is at your fingertips in less than 24 hours.
  • Expansive Patient Insights: Our platform expands your understanding of patients' outcomes and the cost of care, empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • Patient Screening Support: We assist in patient screening, helping you identify and address healthcare needs promptly.
  • 360-Degree View: Gain a holistic perspective with our analytics offering a 360-degree view of operations, finances, and outcomes/quality.
  • Role-Specific Modules: Tailored modules for different organizational roles (CFO, CMO, CSO, Analysts, Clinicians, Administrators) ensure that everyone gets the insights they need.
  • Quick Integration: Our solutions offer quick integration, minimizing downtime and facilitating a smooth transition to enhanced analytics capabilities.
  • Adaptability: We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Our platform is highly adaptable to meet the unique needs of your organization.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: With SimiTree, you're not just a client — you're a valued partner. Our dedicated customer support ensures that you have assistance every step of the way.

Afia Navigator Providing a Strong Foundation.

Afia Navigator provides a strong foundation based on data from your Electronic Health Record, with meaningful insights including client census, successful discharge rates, service utilization and engagement, case mix, controlled substance management, and health condition status management. However you use Afia Navigator, it’s the backbone of your business.

Add-ons that add value.

Depending on your needs, any IQ bundle can be added to your Afia Navigator platform to enhance financial success, operational efficiency, and client outcomes.



RevenueIQ provides you with real-time insight into the success of your RCM process, from Net Collection and Charge Lag to AR Over 120 days to Denial Rate Upon First Submission. Benchmark yourself against industry standards and work with our expert team to determine how to beat the benchmarks and increase revenue.



TargetIQ puts the power back in providers' hands, allowing them to monitor and influence productivity. Transparent rules, daily prospective productivity monitoring, and targets that are appropriately applied to providers based on role and expected clinical effort optimize access to care and clinical productivity and increase client engagement, revenue, and clinical outcomes.



CQMIQ provides a library of Clinical Quality Measures to choose from, including NCQA-certified HEDIS measures, CCBHC Clinic & State measures, and payer-specific value-based care contract measures. Use our measure calculations to monitor your performance rating across each measure year, and use our proactive dashboards to drive critical information to staff to optimize daily performance.



HIEIQ provides a timely connection to your local Health Information Exchange to enhance care coordination and manage risk among your population. Monitor ED visits, follow up after inpatient discharge, and track preventive care for your attributed population.



PopHealthIQ helps you know not only current health status but also which populations are improving and how long it takes to achieve and maintain a healthy status. You can also learn who is at risk because regression to a high-risk status is present or whether there are fluctuations between healthy and risk statuses.



CostIQ leverages general ledger data at the close of business every month and allocates cost to individual billable and non-billable services in the EHR to give the organization true provider cost of care that can be used to predict cash flow changes, negotiate payer rates, and manage value-based care contracts. When paired with the Population Health bundle, CostIQ can answer critical questions like, "What is required and how long does it take to move a client from an unhealthy risk status to a healthy one?" and "What is the cost to do so?"