SimiTree doesn’t just help clients get paid; SimiTree helps clients control cash flow.

What’s standing between your organization and reimbursement from commercial payers, Medicaid and Medicare? SimiTree does more than make certain the clients who outsource their billing get paid. It’s also about making certain they understand the documentation errors and upstream revenue cycle issues bogging down the accounts receivable process, delaying claims submission and impeding cash flow and profitability.

SimiTree’s Billing & Collections experts become extensions of your organization’s team, providing the skill, speed and proficiency needed for processing claims in today’s fluid and heavily-regulated market — as well as adding a layer of transparency in clear, concise reports that provide a window to operational issues impacting timely billing and hindering payment.

Jess Stover Principal, SVP, Post-Acute RCM SimiTree

“Our team becomes an extension of the client’s back office. We get to know the people and the processes, and we work within the existing framework they have in place to get things on track.”

SimiTree RCM Principal Jess Stover

15+ years of experience

Improved cash flow and decreased bad debt.

With ARbor, SimiTree’s proprietary collections tool, SimiTree captures metrics and trends impacting payment collection. ARbor helps show clients valuable information about their own vulnerabilities. It quantifies operational issues and challenges upstream in the revenue cycle and makes it possible to report to clients on identified trends. Why are claims not processing? What information is missing? How often does this happen? Where in the process is the bottleneck occurring?

At a glance, our home care billing experts will help you: 

• Optimize your current EMR

• Track key performance metrics

• Identify opportunities for automation

• Define success


SimiTree Billing & Collections delivers:

  • Extensive EMR and billing experience
  • Fully-trained billers with knowledge of all current regulatory requirements
  • Seamless, non-disruptive incorporation into the client’s existing office structure
  • Account status tracking to easily see action taken on the account to resolve the open balance (billed, reprocessing, appealed, etc.)
  • Concise reporting on reasons for non-payment on claims
  • Identification of target areas where additional staff training may be needed
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SimiTree transforms business.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Clinical, financial and operational expertise uniquely delivers top-notch services and approaches to raise performance levels for clients across the spectrum.

SimiTree’s Billing & Collections experts are fully supported by the SimiTree network of resources devoted to knowledge, training and helping clients become more successful by making their organization stronger, healthier and better able to focus on patient needs.

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