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Today's preparation. Tomorrow's peace of mind.

Is your IT team wrestling with printers and reports, leaving you vulnerable to costly HIPAA violations, attacks, and outages? As a healthcare IT consulting firm, we understand the challenges and anxieties that accompany healthcare IT consulting. That’s why we’re here. Helping your behavioral health or post-acute organization navigate, prepare, and prosper.

The future of healthcare IT is safer. Simpler. And more secure.

When your behavioral health or post-acute organization partners with SimiTree, we work to reach an optimal IT state by rightsizing your current equipment and optimizing the applications you already use. We know that end-user experience is your top priority, and our IT solutions are built with this in mind.

Your starting point. We’re a unique model: the minds to help, the infrastructure to manage, and the passion to be an extension of your behavioral health or post-acute organization. We empower your mission by keeping your eyes firmly on it.

Your data. Our responsibility. When you move to our healthcare IT consulting firm, we constantly monitor, protect, and update the systems you rely on every day. Always secure and available from any device.

Taking IT to the next level. SimiTree is here to help you make certain your healthcare IT projects have strength and meaning. We help you assess. Prioritize projects. Maximize budgets. Minimize guesswork.

Big initiatives. Tackled. We’re here to help you begin your major healthcare IT initiatives, setting up big goals with little friction. Our healthcare IT consulting firm moves strategy into tactical, immediate action through experienced planning and project management.

Watch the video to see what our Healthcare IT Consulting Firm can do for your healthcare organization.

A solution for every healthcare IT challenge.

The needs of a healthcare IT consulting team can vary greatly and require tailored expertise. That’s where SimiTree can help. Explore our individual IT services to learn how we can simplify your process at any point in your lifecycle.

Information Technology with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Technology/Strategy Assessments

Is your IT roadmap keeping up with your mission? Optimize your healthcare technology to better align to your 3-5 year goals for growth, cost, and data-driven decision making.

simi icons cloud migration

Cloud Migration

Are you leveraging the cloud to optimize the delivery of apps and data? Azure or the SimiTree Cloud can help you achieve scalability and flexibility, creating an infrastructure to support you well into the future.

simi icons server management

Server Management

Does your team have the capacity to focus on critical server management? Reduce your team’s burden of administering, patching, monitoring, and protecting your servers on premises.

simi icons secuity compliance

Security and Compliance

Do you KNOW that your systems are continuously secure and compliant? SimiTree will identify vulnerabilities and help define action plans for protecting your tech environment from internal and external threats.

simi icons desktop service v2

Desktop as a Service

Are you looking to improve the cost and performance of your computers? Leveraging Azure and Windows 365, we build secure, scalable, high-performance remote desktop solutions for your staff.

QAPI with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared for ransomware, outages, or critical system failures? Managed backups-as-a-service bundled with a disaster recovery environment can restore your critical systems in a flash.

simi icons o365 management

Office 365 Management

Can you better leverage the nonprofit tools you already have today? As Microsoft partners, we help navigate the O365 solutions to determine the best products and alignment for your needs.


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