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Cost reporting is becoming a much more detailed task as CMS seeks increasingly specific information on visits and patients by discipline, salaries, benefits, contract pay and more. Adequate preparation can be a time-consuming drain on agency resources, requiring the finance and operations team to have:

  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements
  • Expertise in acceptable allocation methodologies
  • Comprehensive supporting documentation

Many agencies sidestep the burden by contracting out their cost reporting work each year. The choice of provider is an important one. Costs detailed in these reports must be an accurate representation of the cost of doing business because CMS relies on cost reports to determine labor shares and reimbursement rates for home health and hospice.

team member Mike Simione

“Even though telehealth services are not currently billable, we’re intensely focused on capturing the actual cost of virtual visits, including clinical salaries, benefits and telehealth equipment expenses. We know CMS will use cost report data to determine reimbursement rates for telehealth in the future.”

Director of Cost Reporting Mike Simione

10+ years of experience

SimiTree understands why it matters.

SimiTree is the nation’s leading preparer of cost reports, with a long history of cost reporting for home health agencies, hospices and home offices, as well as home and community-based service providers in several states.

Known in the industry for an intense focus on accuracy, SimiTree doesn’t just “check the boxes” on these important reports. Cost reporting experts roll up their sleeves to do the real work, understanding they’re building the future of the industry with attention to every detail.

A commitment to accuracy is why more Medicare-certified home health and hospice providers leverage SimiTree’s cost reporting services than any other preparer in the industry.

We partner with you to get it right.   

SimiTree's experts will review your agency documentation to make sure it aligns with all requirements, partner with you during the submission process — and, if you’re selected for audit, we'll assist through the process.

Our cost reporting services can lower your preparation cost while providing expertise for data extraction, analysis, and timely and accurate filing.  

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SimiTree transforms businesses.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Clinical, financial and operational expertise uniquely delivers top-notch services and approaches to help clients grow stronger and healthier overall. SimiTree cost reporting services can lower your preparation cost while providing expertise for data extraction, analysis and timely and accurate filing.

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