Industry leaders in performance, profitability and growth.

SimiTree’s financial consultants have the regulatory expertise, industry knowledge, and financial skill to help behavioral health, home health, and hospice organizations achieve day-to-day peak performance, identify growth opportunities and deploy long-term initiatives for maximum profitability.

Though proud of an industry reputation for financial services, SimiTree experts recognize that profitability is an interdisciplinary effort. Expertise in other areas supports and enhances overall financial services. SimiTree brings a full complement of financial, clinical and operational expertise to shore up vulnerabilities, improve compliance, streamline operations for efficiency and position clients for strategic and sustained growth.

Rob Simione Principal, SVP Consulting

“We provide an interdisciplinary approach to help our clients grow, sustain ongoing efficiencies and continue operating at peak performance for long-term profitability.”

SimiTree Managing Principal Rob Simione

13+ years of experience

SimiTree leads the way.

From the robust metrics reporting which helps clients fully understand the market, to the ability to pinpoint specific process points and staffing that impact cash flow and put potential profitability at risk, SimiTree is an acclaimed leader with years of experience.

A few notable accomplishments:

  • Leads the nation in cost report preparation for home health and hospice.
  • A major provider of both hospice cap reporting services and hospice cap due diligence.
  • Proprietary financial tools are renowned for premium benchmarking, PDGM analysis and transparency in collections reporting.
  • The industry leader in best practice operational standards to enhance profitability.
  • Mergers and acquisitions team is a go-to for private equity, handling billions of dollars in transactions each year.

A rich legacy.

Recognized for more than 50 years of experience counseling and guiding home health and hospice agencies on their finances, Simione Healthcare Consultants, one of the legacy companies which merged to create SimiTree, was the first company in the nation to provide financial consulting services to home health and hospice agencies.

Not content to rest on those laurels, SimiTree strengthens its reputation as industry leader by continually updating and enhancing its financial consulting services:

Financial Profitability Analysis, including:

  • Review of revenue enhancements through growth and efficiencies
  • Best practice processes and models to create cost efficiencies
  • Interim CFO and financial services

Cash Flow Performance, including:

  • Evaluation of revenue cycle processes
  • Claims tracking processes and tools
  • Interim revenue cycle management and billing services
  • Evaluation of orders, insurance verification and authorization

Other Financial Services, including:

  • Interim Management Services
  • Outsourced billing & collections or revenue cycle services
  • Claims denial and appeal process management
  • Financial and revenue cycle staff training
  • Development of financial policies and procedures
  • Cost reporting
  • Hospice cap reporting
Woman in blue blazer and man in white shirt and tie looking at a tablet

SimiTree transforms businesses.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Clinical, financial and operational expertise uniquely delivers top-notch services and approaches to help clients grow stronger and healthier overall.

Unsurpassed regulatory expertise and years of industry experience enhance SimiTree’s value to maximize financial performance and strengthen your organization, earning the reputation as industry leader in financial consulting services.

Woman in blue blazer and man in white shirt and tie looking at a tablet