Client Successes: Positive Impact in Action

At SimiTree, we're proud to showcase a diverse array of case studies that highlight our expertise and the positive impact we've had on our clients' growth journeys.

Dive deep into the challenges our home health, hospice, and behavioral health clients faced, the tailored strategies we devised, and the remarkable outcomes that followed.

Our case studies are more than stories: they're a reflection of what's possible when visionary thinking meets actionable implementation.

Electrifying the Scoreboard

Electrifying the Scoreboard - A Loss into a Win for a Home Health Dynamo

How SimiTree turned a large, multi-state home health care corporation's devastating loss of a VP into a sales and growth win.  

Home Health Insights - Revenue Cycle The Transformation Underway with SimiTree

Revenue Cycle: The Transformation Underway for Post-Acute Payment Models

Why Managing the Revenue Cycle Is Becoming Much More Complex. As billing gets more complicated in the post-acute world, here’s a look at what’s prompting the changes – and where we’re headed.

Home Health Insights - Retention Strategies with SimiTree

Retention Strategies in Home Health and Hospice

A continuing staffing shortage has home health and hospice agencies shuffling staff and getting creative, looking for new ways to continue seeing patients as a thinning number.

Home Health Insights - A Clinicians Guide to Creating a Compliant Care Plan with SimiTree

Home Health Insights - A Clinician's Guide to Creating a Compliant Care Plan

Pulling together the professional and comprehensive assessments and translating this information into a CMS-compliant, patient-specific, individualized Plan of Care can be an overwhelming and daunting.

Home Health Insights Don't Wait to Prepare for HHVBP Success Starts Now with SimiTree

Don't Wait to Prepare for HHVBP Success Starts Now

Home Health Value Based Purchasing or HHVBP was initially implemented as a model by CMS in 2016 to determine the impact financial incentives would have on home health agencies.

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Utilization Review and Addiction Therapy Modalities

How SimiTree Behavioral Health increased the average utilization per patient across all clinics and authorized days per patient, demonstrating that an RCM company can help improve authorization activity and increase length of stay.

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Low-Pay Recovery Efforts Address a Behavioral Health Organization’s Underpayment Issues

A look at how SimiTree Behavioral Health’s low-pay recovery services helped providers recover an additional 140% of underpaid claims, highlighting the substantial benefits of improving revenue cycle management (RCM) processes.

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How to Turn a Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility into a Thriving Mental Health Program

Partnering with SimiTree Behavioral Health allowed a substance use disorder treatment facility to expand its services to include mental health support, facilitating rapid expansion and increased charge volumes.

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How to Increase Collection Rates and Improve Patient Recovery for Substance Use Treatment Facilities

When a substance use treatment facility outsourced revenue cycle management services to SimiTree Behavioral Health, they saw substantial improvement in collection rates and a decrease in average accounts receivable age.

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Closing the Gap on Behavioral Health Patient Collections

SimiTree Behavioral Health’s revenue cycle management expertise includes a patient-centric, technology-driven approach that has led to improvements in patient collections and untapped revenue for behavioral health providers, helping providers stay compliant in the face of rising patient financial responsibility.


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