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SimiTree quality is rooted in competency, compliance, and commitment.

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SimiTree takes a different approach to the value of coding & OASIS-E review.

You get the expertise you need to ensure ongoing ROI and drive your bottom line. We deliver an industry-leading level of quality for your hospice, palliative care, and home health coding services.

Everything we do is built around value and integrity. Your team is fully trained, certified, and HIPAA-compliant. They’re also performance-tested and monitored for accuracy.

Outsourced Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) with Home Health Agency SimiTree 400000 +

Reviews Performed Yearly

Scalability $ 300

Average Reimbursement Gain/Review

Outsourced Coding & OASIS with Home Health Agency SimiTree 9 %

Average Case Mix Gain

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full complement of services.

  • Over 350 clients served daily
  • Customized onboarding to fit your agency's needs
  • Scalable services that grow with your agency
  • Full suite of outsourcing and hospice, palliative care, and home health coding services
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Accelerate cash flow, achieve efficiency and compliance, eliminate costly medical billing and coding errors, and improve your workflow.

The SimiTree team partners with you to become a friendly and helpful extension of your own team. Our experts deliver:

  • consistent, reliable quality
  • best possible reimbursement based on PDGM’s patient-specific requirements
  • accurate OASIS Reviews to ensure maximum potential with HHVBP
  • clinical expertise and guidance
  • easy-to-read real-time metrics and benchmarking
  • timely turnaround
  • industry-renowned leadership 


ACHC Certified — QAPI Program: In recognition of demonstrating compliance with the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), SimiTree is certified for the QAPI program. As a QAPI-certified practice, SimiTree demonstrates its commitment to quality for patients, payers, and the medical community.

CHAP Verified: SimiTree has been awarded the prestigious “CHAP Verified” status by Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) for its Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program.

Outsourced Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Home Health, Hospice, & Palliative Care Coding

  • provides the best available review to ensure coding accuracy, documentation compliance, and maximized revenue opportunities
  • understands regulations around face-to-face and PDGM to give accurate coding to each home health case assigned
  • understands regulations around CTI for hospice to assign accurate coding for each hospice case assigned
  • coding structure supports staff with a constant flow of direction, information, and training
  • complete lineup of home health, hospice, and palliative care coding services
  • customized coding & OASIS review dashboard offering real-time data/clinical change data and metrics
Information Technology with Home Health Agency SimiTree

OASIS E Review

  • ensure that your OASIS E assessments are complete and accurate, meeting all regulatory requirements
  • team approach is structured for full support, ongoing staff training, and stringent quality review
  • guidance about rapidly changing OASIS data and assessments to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • accurate and timely analysis to optimize outcomes for STAR ratings and HHVBP OASIS items
  • monthly review of outcomes and clinician-level change reports provided by agency leadership
QAPI with Home Health Agency SimiTree

QAPI Outsourcing

  • develop effective programs to address quality of care in key areas scored by payers (bed and toilet transfers, bathing, re-hospitalizations, and more)
  • boost performance-related pay adjustments in the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Program
  • assist with infection control measures and OSHA safety standards compliance
  • increase performance-related pay adjustments in 2025
  • meet monitoring and reporting requirements without overburdening staff
  • improve star ratings, drive retention through higher staff satisfaction, and more
Regulatory Experts with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) Review & Submissions

  • RCD experts handle the work for agencies, including submissions
  • eliminate backlog of pre-claim review submissions
  • consulting services choose between pre-claim or post-payment review, depending on circumstances unique to their organizations
Interim Management with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Plan of Care (POC) Review

  • addresses all medical, nursing, rehabilitative, social, and discharge planning needs identified in the comprehensive assessment
  • includes detailed and patient-specific interventions for all primary and secondary diagnoses
  • clinically certified team reviews all necessary documents
  • assist your staff in completing a compliant and defendable POC

Download our free Clinician's Guide to the POC


Healthcare Executive Search with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Patient-Driven Groupings Model

  • clinical expertise of PDGM complexities
  • in-depth understanding of Medicare payment model nuances and impeccable clinical documentation
  • avoid costly delays, identify assessment errors that chip away at reimbursement, and correct issues impeding your organization’s profitability
  • industry-renowned experts with decades of experience
  • quality managers are sought-after speakers at industry events for their knowledgeable and engaging presentations
Quality of Earnings with Home Health Agency SimiTree


  • agency-specific dashboard tracks metrics important to patient outcomes, quality, and reimbursement
  • with just a few clicks, see average chart turnaround time, important patient characteristics and payment components under PDGM, and more
  • data is presented in an uncluttered, easy-to-read format to quickly determine where additional training is needed
  • learn what’s causing delays and identify what’s shortchanging reimbursement
Post Close Integration with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Education & Training

  • accuracy and skill are demanded from the outset
  • undergo rigorous competency testing and certification requirements
  • help understanding documentation for indications of use
  • ongoing OASIS-E training to avoid lower reimbursement
  • EHR optimization and training about changes in the data set and data collection process

Watch free on-demand webinars on OASIS and OASIS-E

SimiTree’s Coding & OASIS experts improve clinical accuracy and documentation compliance.

We scrutinize its accuracy based on medical documentation, OASIS guidelines, and CMS rulings. We also make recommendations or changes (you decide which) along with a rationale to the clinician for acknowledgment and finalization.

Our team approach is structured for full support, ongoing training, and stringent quality review. Accuracy and skill are demanded from the outset, with rigorous competency testing and certification requirements.

Our home health and hospice coding services are unparalleled in the industry. Listen below to what a few of our clients have to say about our coding services.

Our Client’s Success Story

SimiTree Coding & OASIS never stops improving your agency.

We’re always raising high standards with regular quality checks and ongoing training in coding guidance. You'll never stop learning and the opportunities for ongoing training and education are endless. Visit our Webinars page to view all the outsourced services and OASIS E related learning materials. 

Your SimiTree team of expert coders and reviewers is also trained in multiple EMRs. Our hospice, palliative care, and home health coding service expertise makes organizations stronger, healthier and better able to focus on patient needs.