SimiTree helps clients withstand survey scrutiny and improve quality.

Home health and hospice surveyors are focusing on infection control measures under a lingering pandemic, taking a closer look at bag technique, hand hygiene, and equipment maintenance. While COVID-19 Pandemic Planning and Response, Infection Control, and Adverse Events top every surveyor’s list, OSHA has added its own new requirements for increased infection control efforts, creating an Emergency Temporary Standard requiring a full hazard assessment and work plan.

And CMS is ramping up its scrutiny on hospice organizations, with new regulations delivering operational and financial sanctions for agencies with poor survey results.

It’s more important than ever for home health and hospice organizations to incorporate survey-ready practices, processes, and procedures into their daily operations to withstand survey scrutiny and deliver services aligned with best practices and quality care.

SimiTree is uniquely positioned to help clients address the issues surveyors will focus on during your organization’s next survey. SimiTree experts think like surveyors because they are surveyors or have previously served in a surveyor role.

SimiTree’s current and former surveyors have insider expertise.

SimiTree’s compliance team is made up of current and former surveyors who have the industry knowledge and experience needed to assist clients with ongoing compliance and successful implementation of new regulations. They work with organizations to provide a comprehensive survey readiness and support plan which incorporates compliance into daily operations and places a strong emphasis on annual mock surveys.

SimiTree mock surveys fully test organizations.

Comprehensive mock surveys are offered for licensure, certification, re-certification, accreditation and more. Comprehensive support for survey readiness encourages a long-term approach to support providers before, during and after the survey.

SimiTree helps clients develop a Plan of Correction.

SimiTree can help after a disastrous survey with condition-level deficiencies or a survey with minor findings. Survey experts at SimiTree work with clients to develop a Plan of Correction, with implementation and follow-up services. They show clients how to put into place practices needed to balance clinical, regulatory, quality, and operational objectives while demonstrating ongoing compliance supported by documentation.

SimiTree delivers:

  • Expert guidance from a team of former and current surveyors

Services include:

  • Comprehensive Mock Surveys (on-site or remote)
  • Survey Readiness Training
  • Plan of Correction Development and Implementation
  • Staff Training to Ensure Ongoing Compliance
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SimiTree transforms businesses.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Compliance and regulatory experts work closely with SimiTree’s clinical and financial experts to strengthen the delivery of top-notch services and approaches designed for quality, efficiency, growth, and profitability.

Helping your organization improve quality, minimize compliance risk and meet regulatory requirements is part of making your organization stronger, healthier, and better able to focus on patient needs.

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