Flexible training options help clients achieve and sustain peak performance.

Whether you’re looking for a virtual classroom session to orient new employees or a customized, on-site workshop to address areas of concern unique to your agency, SimiTree’s Training, Education, and Development will prime your staff for performance and productivity.

Flexible training options provide the optimal tools to educate, engage and motivate teams in a challenging and constantly changing market. SimiTree’s industry-leading trainers break down key topics in an engaging format to support home health and hospice teams with the knowledge required for success in heavily regulated fields of care.

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“SimiTree's Training, Education, and Development allows clients to choose the type of training that works best for their specific needs: on-site or virtual, ready-made or customized.”

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Some of the most popular courses include:

A clinical management training series to help clinical supervisors, managers and leaders better understand financial and operational concerns, shore up compliance and develop an enhanced understanding of leadership qualities and roles.

Budgeting classes to help home health and hospice financial and analytics staff identify and track key performance metrics for more effective budgeting.

OASIS training to improve clinician accuracy, identify common errors and explain the importance of this assessment under the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) and in calculating total performance scores under Value-Based Purchasing.

Sales and marketing training for sales staff to boost growth and develop a more strategic approach to referrals and admissions.

Revenue cycle improvement courses are designed to illustrate the important role of each step in the process, beginning with intake and offering suggestions for remedying common problems and errors.

Leadership Development Training addresses real-life issues and challenges your management teams confront daily. A transformational, experiential learning opportunity taught by experts and leaders in home health and hospice who understand the unique challenges your management team, at every level, faces daily.


Learn more about our on-demand courses.

SimiTree offers the industry’s best and brightest trainers.

SimiTree’s faculty are industry leaders, selected for their years of experience and expertise in each topic. In addition to their popularity as educators at conferences and other industry events, these expert presenters have real-world experience in various roles at home health and hospice agencies. They understand exactly what it means to be a field nurse, a billing clerk, a marketer or an EMR analyst and know how to address the challenges they understand so well. A wide range of expertise enables SimiTree to customize any training needed for your agency.


Continuing education credit provided.

Many (but not all) of SimiTree’s engaging training sessions offer continuing education credit. Be sure to ask before registering how CEUs will work for your class. Services include:

  • Live Virtual Instructor-Led Classroom
  • On-Site Instructor-Led Classroom
  • Custom Training Programs
  • On-Demand Content & Subscriptions
  • Onboarding & Orientation for New Hires
  • Leadership Development
  • True Colors® Workshops
  • Webinars
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SimiTree transforms businesses.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Clinical, financial and operational expertise creates an unsurpassed foundation for your organization’s growth and profitability. No matter your budget, SimiTree training can help achieve measurable change in your performance and productivity.

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Let's work together to improve the health of your organization. At SimiTree, we balance financial expertise and clinical excellence to help our clients grow. How can we help you? Call us at 866.839.5471 or complete the form below.

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