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Turn EHR issues into success stories, enhancing productivity — no matter the EHR.

SimiTree understands that selecting an electronic health record is just the first step on the road to optimal productivity. Using an EHR effectively is the real challenge — and SimiTree information technology experts approach all EHR consulting services with the goal of making efficiency easy.

Your post-acute or behavioral health organization gets full support with a multi-layered process that includes project and change management, transition services and support, customized user training, and full integration services for staff buy-in and progress tracking.

SimiTree clients appreciate the individualized attention they receive, benefiting from custom support that addresses their specific needs and circumstances.

Love your EHR

Do you have the right EHR? Is your EHR supporting your clinical workflow? EHRs are vital for post-acute and behavioral health organizations, but getting it right is a tall task. Our process ensures that you have the system your staff and consumers deserve.

There isn’t one, right system that fits every behavioral health or post-acute organization. SimiTree has an industry-leading selection process that ensures you find the right vendor to support all of your organizational goals and workflow needs. Our vendor independence also means that our only objective is to find you the right system without any potential conflicts of interest along the way.

Implementing an EHR is one of the most costly, challenging projects a healthcare organization will ever undertake. Oftentimes, the complexity of these projects can lead to a focus on getting the project done instead of getting it done right.

SimiTree’s EHR consulting services utilize a proven structure for managing implementations. Our consultants have extensive expertise in EHR vendor systems, workflow improvement, form consolidation, and end-user adoption. Our experts can provide consulting support in the following areas:

  • System architecture and project management
  • Clinical and financial best-practice implementation
  • Data analytics/reporting
  • Data conversion

Within the ever-changing behavioral health and post-acute landscapes, there is a new challenge around every bend. Most organizations don’t have the time or resources to ensure their EHR is keeping up. SimiTree developed the EHR Refresh so that our solution and process improvement experts can ensure that your EHR is set up to properly support your organizational goals and service delivery initiatives. Leveraging insights from your data, our experts can help identify opportunities for improvement in your base system configuration, billing setup, revenue cycle process, and clinical performance. Our approach is a five-phase process:

  1. Define the executive vision and goals
  2. Deliver optimization and insights through data/analysis
  3. Validate findings and opportunities
  4. Develop a prioritized plan for execution
  5. Execute optimization initiatives

Our solution ranges from a comprehensive EHR Refresh to packages that target specific functions of your system. Examples of these include:

  • Billing Process Improvement
  • Treatment Planning Redesign
  • Scheduling Optimization/Implementation
  • Patient Portal Implementation
  • Data Analytics Design and Implementation

What makes SimiTree different?

We listen to clients. SimiTree EHR consulting services experts evaluate each client’s workflow and processes to customize and provide efficient solutions and services that make a difference.

We’re completely independent. Because SimiTree is not affiliated with any software companies, priorities are entirely based on a client’s best interests, along with providing objective evaluation, recommendations, and support.

We’re experts at what we do. EHRs contain a slew of data — all essential to operational and patient experience. They may include demographics, medical history, medication and allergy information, immunization status, radiology images, vital signs, personal information, such as age and weight, as well as billing information. Our experts are trained in all software.

We get results. You can count on our experts to increase resource capacity, improve workforce productivity, and connect your healthcare data across channels to improve your overall workflow — with a refreshed, overall process of efficiency and togetherness trickling down to patient experience.