SimiTree expertise helps boost key performance metrics for VBP.

Will the nationwide rollout of Value Based Purchasing for home health affect your organization’s reimbursement with an increase or a decrease – and how much will the payment adjustment be? The answer hinges on your agency’s total performance scores. CMS propose using 2023 performance scores compared to 2022 baseline scores to determine the first payment adjustments.

The experts at SimiTree can help your organization take control of the performance metrics which will determine your payment adjustment. SimiTree will develop a personalized action plan to address key performance areas which count toward an agency’s total performance score; provide the staff training needed in those areas; and show you how to use your organization’s QAPI program for the most effective, ongoing improvement.

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“Under VBP, agencies will see financial impacts based on their achievement or improvement scores. CMS is launching the VBP program with an adjustment cap of +/-5 percent.”

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VBP success hinges on the right data.

SimiTree’s Value-Based Purchasing Assessment is an essential first step to a successful transition from volume-based to value-based care delivery. This assessment provides baseline scores, state benchmarks and achievement thresholds for each outcome so that SimiTree’s experts can help you align clinical and operational processes with improved outcomes. By trending the data over the past 12 months, any fluctuation in your agency’s performance can be determined.

Get a personalized work plan.

SimiTree’s experts will design a personalized plan with process and improvement strategies for enhancing quality of care in key areas such as bed and toilet transfers, bathing, re-hospitalizations and other important OASIS measures impacting total performance scores. To help implement the plan, it’s recommended that agencies incorporate it into the organization’s QAPI program.

SimiTree QAPI compliance experts can work with the SimiTree team of clinical experts to set up the performance improvement projects needed to address your OASIS accuracy. They also help develop PIPS on communication, team discussion and other HHCAHPS Survey items used for performance scoring under VBP.

Essential staff training.

With a variety of educational offerings, SimiTree can make certain your team is value-ready. SimiTree offers specialized on-site VBP workshops, a new Precision OASIS online training course focusing on important areas of accuracy under VBP and many more ways to meet the training and preparation needs of your agency.


Our services include:

  • VBP Assessment
  • VBP Data Analytics
  • Personalized Work Plan and Implementation Assistance
  • Individualized Performance Improvement Projects
  • QAPI Program Oversight
  • Customized Staff Training Programs
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SimiTree transforms businesses.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Clinical, financial and operational expertise uniquely delivers top-notch services and approaches to help clients grow stronger and healthier overall.

SimiTree’s value-based purchasing consulting services can help organizations address key performance areas and see overall quality improvements by transitioning to value-based care to help position your organization for increased quality, growth and profitability.

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