Quantify your market position to build a stronger future.

SimiTree data helps stakeholders evaluate market dynamics and trends that may point to opportunities for strategic growth, refine existing market position and acquire or establish something new. The right metrics reveal details to help quantify the characteristics of a market, how key players operate and the relationships between referral sources with home health or hospice agencies.

This knowledge can lead organizations to new untapped market opportunities or protect them from ventures that may not yield the desired results.

team member Christine Lang

“When clients take a thorough look at the market through our frames of analysis, they see a much more realistic picture.”

SimiTree Director of Data Analytics Christine Lang

20+ years of industry experience

SimiTree’s Data Analytics team

SimiTree’s Data Analytics team works with organizations to evaluate their competitive position in the market as well as the organizations they are up against. In order to identify the best strategy for clients to meet goals, SimiTree quantifies how concentrated or fragmented a market is and the referral patterns in place. This detailed information defines the market and enables clients to see the bigger picture through focused and effective reports.

SimiTree delivers:

  • A thorough yet simplified view of the competitive landscape
  • Trended share data for broader, more useful assessment
  • Insight for strategic positioning
  • Hospital discharge trends and referral patterns
We Transform Businesses at Home Health Agency SimiTree

SimiTree transforms businesses.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Clinical, financial and operational expertise uniquely positions SimiTree to deliver top-notch services and tools. Robust data analytics capabilities empower clients with the knowledge to see the bigger picture, make better decisions and grow stronger and healthier overall. 

SimiTree data analytics and benchmarking services can help organizations become strategic in their growth, take advantage of market opportunities and more effectively address problems to help position their organization for growth and profitability.

We Transform Businesses at Home Health Agency SimiTree

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