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simitree icon bugWhen it comes to healthcare executives, we stand for quality, not quantity.

If you want premier healthcare talent, you need the executive search firm specializing in healthcare recruiting and leadership. You need the best. A select recommendation of only the right candidates rather than a lengthy list of maybes. For the best fit in talent search and placement, along with interim leadership, the nation’s leading home health, hospice, and behavioral health organizations choose SimiTree Talent Solutions more than any other executive search firm.

Commonly filled positions include: CEO | CFO | Chief Medical Officer | COO | Chief Strategy Officer | CHRO | Chief Clinical Officer | President | Senior Vice President | VP | Executive Director | Director | Medical Director | Psychiatrist | Psychologist | Advanced Practice Registered Nurses | Licensed Counselors

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25% FASTER time-to-fill and completion success

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Meet the leader among executive healthcare search firms.

  • Completed over 2,500 executive and management searches for clients in all 50 states.
  • Plus, more than 1,000 interim leadership projects nationwide.

simitree icon bugBuild your healthcare leadership team.

With over 100 years of combined experience in Home Health, Hospice, and Behavioral Health, our team at SimiTree Talent Solutions is the top healthcare executive search firm in the nation. Our clients receive the full support of SimiTree, which has been offering clinical, operational, and financial expertise since 1966.
Our clients include non-profits, for-profits, those in health systems, private-equity backed, or privately owned. We find the best in healthcare talent for small organizations, regional players, and the largest national players in this industry.

Simplify your recruitment with a targeted executive healthcare search process. 

  • More than 70% of our network of highly qualified candidates come from passive talent pools. 
  • Our team brings an average tenure of seven years recruiting in the home health, hospice, and behavioral health industry.

Unlike other healthcare executive search firms, we dig deep to understand the context of your open position according to your company culture and needs. Through conversation, we build a solid foundation that directs the strategic approach of our search — whether it's finding some extra support with the right interim management or finding a permanent staffing solution. 

We leverage our vast network and deep industry knowledge to source high quality candidates. Our experienced recruiters and industry experts go beyond other healthcare search firms, taking special care to examine every candidate using a meticulous vetting process that exceeds an average process.  

To simplify the recruitment process, we compile our data into robust candidate profiles with details like relevant experience, compensation expectations, career achievements, and the motivations for changing positions. Presenting these profiles, we provide everything you need to support you to make the most informed decision for your team.  

A top healthcare executive search firm that recruits using cutting-edge AI technology. 

  • Social media plays a huge role in attracting talent and can account for as much as 65% of new hires. 
  • We’ve placed more than 2,500 C-suite and management professionals through our Target Referral Network. 

simitree icon bugExecutive search powered by innovation. 

We’re an executive search firm that uses a proprietary database of more than 385,000 home health, hospice, and behavioral health professionals to craft our targeted recruitment pools. Using our robust Applicant Tracking System (ATS), we utilize AI to match you with individuals who meet your specific requirements. By harnessing today’s technology, we’re streamlining your attention from the start.  

As one of the best healthcare executive search firms, our commitment to innovation sometimes means discovering talent from different spheres like social media. Through our Strategic Social Media Recruitment, our recruiters know how to maximize the value of social media, going beyond our network to investigate other platforms and job boards for your open position. 

As your healthcare executive search firm, we’re incorporating modern technology with our Targeted Referral Network to continue successfully sourcing high-caliber candidates by exhausting our reach to find your perfect fit.  

The best among healthcare executive search firms know staffing is a two-way street. 

With every executive healthcare position, we find what works for both sides.  

SimiTree Talent Solutions understands this isn’t just about filling a role, but finding the right addition to your team. It’s an understanding that to recruit with success as a healthcare executive search firm means ensuring the happiness of both parties.   

We coordinate the interview process, acting as a mediator between potential candidates and clients. We not only facilitate the interviews themselves, but offer thorough candidate preparation, making sure their best qualities shine through and that they have an adequate understanding of your company’s values and responsibilities.  

Feedback is another active component in our interview process. By providing ongoing insight, we’re an executive search firm that assists both parties in making the right decision for them. Our unique attentiveness even involves special tools like our data-driven compensation insights, which provide accurate and competitive compensation recommendations. 

A top healthcare executive search firm, we value the success of our clients and candidates, even after placement. We continue checking in with both parties through onboarding support to ensure long-term success and happiness. 

Engineered to attract, evaluate, and place the best healthcare executive talent. 

simitree icon bugTry something different with your next executive search.  

Recruiting the right talent doesn’t have to be complicated. At SimiTree Talent Solutions, we strive to make this process as smooth as possible while generating leads with more success than other healthcare executive search firms.  

SimiTree Talent Solutions offers the most personalized white-glove approach when it comes to talent solutions. From the moment we create a profile to the candidate’s first day, we’re a healthcare executive search firm dedicated to making sure both parties are satisfied.  

The mutual success of our clients and candidates has made us a valued resource. Our unique first-class approach has helped us build lasting relationships with candidates and clients that’s made us their first-choice partner whenever a need for new talent arises.  

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