SimiTree identifies market opportunities to determine growth potential.

As industry leaders in data analytics and benchmarking, SimiTree’s experienced analysts can take a deeper dive into the data and resources to assess an organization’s full potential for performance in its market.

They bring unique industry understanding and perspective to market assessments, seeing the full story beyond referral patterns and trends.

The number of hospital discharges and readmissions, for example, may indicate the need for a provider to offer a continuum of services.

Sometimes, thorough market analysis yields surprising and unexpected opportunities. A market already supporting multiple providers, for instance, may appear to be saturated. But further research may indicate that a lack of brand loyalty in that market offers untapped opportunities for growth. With a more aggressive sales and marketing program and brand development, one provider might increase performance and dominate the market.

David Berman Managing Principal, EVP Professional Services

“Lack of activity in a market doesn’t mean it won’t support growth. It may be the next untapped opportunity.”

Managing Principal, EVP Professional Services David Berman, CPA, CGMA, CVA

20+ years of experience

SimiTree insights brings clarity to every client.

Whether clients are buying, selling or looking for growth and expansion opportunities to increase value, SimiTree’s experts have the information to bring more clarity to the endeavor. 

Services include:

Outsourced Services with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Quality of Earnings/Financial Due Diligence

Clinical Consulting Services with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Clinical Compliance Due Diligence

Hospice CAP Due Diligence

Hospice Cap Due Diligence

Business Valuations with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Business Valuation

Market Assessment with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Market Referral Analysis

Merger & Acquisition Consulting with Home Health Agency SimiTree

Post-Close Integration

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SimiTree transforms businesses.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Clinical, financial and operational expertise together provides breadth and scope to gain insight and move forward with greater confidence.

SimiTree’s market referral analyses offer a complete picture of an organization’s current market performance as well as potential performance, for the insight to approach your next opportunity with clearer direction.

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