SimiTree grows your revenue with faster collections at a lower cost.

simitree icon bugCollect what you’re owed for the services you’ve provided.

Startup, newly certified, and growing Home Health and Hospice agencies like yours need to spend less time hunting down paperwork and doing tedious data entry. The Home Health and Hospice billing experts at SimiTree streamline patient billing and collections from Medicare and insurance companies.

We process claims faster for faster reimbursements by eliminating friction and delays too common with ordinary payment processes. Simply put, with SimiTree you receive your receivables — more of them and much more quickly.

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Get Paid 3x Faster

Maximize profits. Minimize errors.

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Grow your revenue.

Let us simplify your billing. More money.

More peace of mind.

Hospice CAP Due Diligence

Focus on your patients.

Start 100% risk-free with a guarantee

of no surprise setup costs or hidden fees.

Newly certified or startup Home Health and Hospice services

simitree icon bugGet paid 3X faster while increasing revenue 15-20%.

The billing and collections experts at SimiTree go to a deeper level than most medical billing services. They are what’s called “ultra-specific” in their expertise, with extensive experience in all aspects of Home Health billing and Hospice billing.

More outstanding claims get paid no matter what insurance the patient has. We optimize your revenue from intake to payment. We also identify operational deficiencies and take the time to explain every recommendation for each account.

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The trusted choice of 450+

Home Health and Hospice

agencies nationwide

Outsourced Services with Home Health Agency SimiTree 100 %


Start 100% risk-free

with a guarantee of no

surprise setup costs or hidden fees

A full complement of services.

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Home Health Billing

Skilled or non-skilled, SimiTree will get you paid faster, maximize profits, and minimize errors.

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Hospice Billing

Get more money and more peace-of-mind when you leave your payments to us.

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Revenue Recovery

Collect large amounts of previously lost revenue that you may not even know are unpaid.

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Smart Start

Why try figuring out billing on your own or rely on untested billing staff? Start Smart and don’t delay your cash flow.

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100% Risk-Free - Provide ongoing consulting services/coaching regarding Medicare, business, and billing issues. Access to experts for all the needs of your home health care agency.

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Payer Setup and Software Billing Support - Add all payer rules to your home care software, as well as setup procedure codes, and modifiers. We will call your software support on any issue that affects billing claims.

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Billing for Skilled and Non-Skilled Home Care Agencies - We bill for all types of home care and home health care agencies. Personal care billing, hourly non-skilled billing, state program for aide services, and Department of Labor.

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Accounts Receivables Collections - Scrub claims for accurate billing, analyze paid claims for accurate payment, research unpaid claims and reprocess corrected claims. Make all follow-up calls to insurance companies.

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Billing for All Payers - Diversify your income by accepting Medicare, Medicaid Waivers, HMOs, VA, Workers Comp, and Commercial Insurance.

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EDI Applications for All Payers - Most insurance companies require a home health care agency to fill out applications to submit electronic claims. Will do that for all your payers at no extra cost.

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Daily and Monthly Reporting - Provide reports of all claims billed, month-end reports of collection, ADR notifications, and overdue claims reports.

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Review and Post All Payments - Post all payer payments. Maintain accurate A/R and aging reports in your home health care agency software.

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Real-Time Claims Processing - SimiTree will bill daily all claims that are ready from clinical aspect and meet insurance company requirements.

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