SimiTree helps clients understand the mechanics of profitability.

Data analytics services from SimiTree give clients the means to lift the hood on financial performance, seeing what’s driving their reimbursement and identifying obstacles to profitability.

SimiTree data analysis experts break down the mechanics of profitability in detailed and personalized reports for clients, pinpointing vulnerabilities and highlighting strengths. Clients see how their performance compares to others across the nation and in their state, how their referral mix impacts their profitability and more.

When it comes to the new and evolving landscape of PDGM, SimiTree provides unique value, presenting a breakdown of the most critical information that drives performance and projection reports that demonstrate the impact of case mix recalibration. This data helps clients stay on top of changing demands in care and financial management as well as changing nuances of reimbursement.

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“Data provides the intelligence to improve patient outcomes, refine visit utilization practices, improve cost structures and more.”

SimiTree Data Analytics Director Christine Lang

20+ years of industry experience

Personalized reports help clients make smarter decisions.

SimiTree’s financial analyses, including The Financial Monitor, Market Analytics and PDGM Impact Analysis, offer a detailed look at trends to identify untapped potential and understand how changing rules will affect your agency.

Compare your own performance in cost structure and financial management to state and national norms. Gain new, numbers-backed perspective about drivers of revenue and expenses under PDGM and other payment models.

SimiTree delivers:

  • Essential budgeting information to improve cost structures and resource allocation
  • Comparison of patient mix and utilization practices to state and national norms
  • Drivers of revenue and margins in today’s payment environment and projected change in reimbursement, including total payment impact of LUPA and non-LUPAs
  • Data to determine how OASIS accuracy impacts your reimbursement
  • Other market data and insights to make strategic decisions
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SimiTree transforms businesses.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Clinical, financial and operational expertise uniquely positions SimiTree to deliver top-notch services and tools. Robust data analytics capabilities empower clients with the knowledge to see the bigger picture, make better decisions and grow stronger and healthier overall.

SimiTree data analytics and benchmarking services can help organizations become strategic in their growth, take advantage of market opportunities and more effectively address problems to help position their organization for growth and profitability.

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