SimiTree finds clinical issues and works with clients to improve billing quality.

SimiTree brings an expert eye to the pre-bill audit process, helping clients identify eligibility and documentation issues which lead to costly delays, denials, and Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs) while creating cash flow problems.

The regulatory and compliance team at SimiTree is comprised of leading experts in the field, with extensive clinical knowledge as well as regulatory acumen. They make certain billing documentation fulfills all clinical requirements for eligibility, medical necessity, and needs for skilled services, and target areas where staff training may be needed to avoid continuing oversights or misunderstandings. Your SimiTree experts review each claim for timeliness and technical requirements as well as clinical issues.

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SimiTree transforms businesses.

At SimiTree, every solution is a strength. Compliance and regulatory experts work closely with SimiTree’s clinical and financial experts to strengthen the delivery of top-notch services and approaches designed for quality, efficiency, growth and profitability.

Whether you need help responding to an ADR or tackling a backlog of claims needing pre-bill audits, SimiTree can help make your organization stronger, healthier and better able to focus on patient needs.

Woman in blue blazer and man in white shirt and tie looking at a tablet

Let's work together to improve the health of your organization. At SimiTree, we balance financial expertise and clinical excellence to help our clients grow. How can we help you? Call us at 866.839.5471 or complete the form below.

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