Starting Fresh in 2024: Deductible Management in Behavioral Health, Part 2
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Justin Gaines
VP of Mental Health Group Practice RCM

Justin Gaines, VP of Mental Health Group Practice RCM, is a seasoned leader in healthcare revenue cycle management. With a primary focus on the behavioral health community, SimiTree has become a leading service provider, managing a client net patient revenue (NPR) portfolio of $31 million. Justin's commitment to simplifying and optimizing healthcare billing processes has positioned SimiTree as a trusted partner for healthcare organizations across the United States, ranging from behavioral health to chiropractic, speech therapy, occupational therapy, personal injury, and workers compensation revenue cycle. 

Hugh C. McBride
Journalist and Copywriter

Hugh C. McBride is an accomplished journalist and copywriter with over 15 years of dedicated experience in the behavioral healthcare field. His work has earned recognition and awards for its impact and commitment to raising awareness and dismantling the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction. Hugh's passion for sharing stories and insights within the behavioral healthcare space reflects his unwavering dedication to promoting, understanding, and fostering positive change in this critical area of healthcare.