Big Changes Ahead for North Carolina State Health Plan Providers: A Clear Guide to Navigating the Network Transition

As a behavioral health provider delivering care to North Carolina's dedicated teachers and state employees, staying up to date on network changes is crucial. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming transition to Aetna as the State Health Plan's new third-party administrator, effective January 1, 2025.

Aetna to Become New North Carolina State Health Plan

Right now, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina acts as the third-party administrator for these members.

But to continue seeing these North Carolina State Health Plan members on an in-network basis, behavioral health providers need to be within Aetna's network by 2025.

Current Clear Pricing Project (CPP) providers must re-sign up to remain CPP providers under Aetna.

How SimiTree Behavioral Health Can Help

At SimiTree Behavioral Health, we understand that change can be daunting. Don’t worry – our experts are here to help.

Remember, by proactively taking the necessary steps to join Aetna's network and re-sign up as a CPP provider (if applicable), you can ensure continued access to North Carolina State Health Plan members.

SimiTree Behavioral Health simplifies the credentialing process by taking the weight off your shoulders. From reviewing your CAQH profile to completing applications and maintaining documentation, we handle everything with meticulous accuracy and transparency.

Don't let getting credentialed with Aetna delay your access to North Carolina State Health Plan members. Work with the experts at SimiTree Behavioral Health and experience the difference of streamlined and stress-free credentialing.

We look forward to collaborating with you under Aetna's administration and working together to deliver the best possible care to North Carolina's dedicated public servants.

Reach out to us today with the contact form below or call us at 866.839.5471 to discuss managing your credentialing needs.