Leadership Shortage Heroes: 3 Ways Interim Leaders Keep Agencies Afloat 

As the healthcare industry continues to experience rapid growth and transformation, there is an increasing need for interim management to fill leadership roles within agencies. In particular, agencies in the healthcare space such as palliative care, home health, hospice, DME, pediatrics, and behavioral health agencies may experience sudden vacancies or gaps in leadership, requiring immediate action. Interim management is a solution SimiTree Talent Solutions provides, that directly aids healthcare agencies in times of need, and here are three ways how.  

Before we dive in, meet SimiTree’s Wayne Regan, Director of Interim Management, and keep reading as we explore how these hires benefit all types of agencies.  

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What is interim management? Most frequently asked questions 

First, let’s briefly cover the definition of interim management (or, interim leadership). Interim leadership refers to the temporary appointment of a highly experienced and qualified professional to fill a leadership role in an organization for a limited period of time. Interim leaders are typically brought in to manage a transition period or to provide continuity during a period of change or crisis. Interim leadership is a solution that can be used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and technology, among others.  In case you were wondering, here are the interim roles SimiTree fills: 

  • Executive Leadership — CEO, CFO, COO, CCO, CMO, CIO 
  • Vice Presidents — Operations, Clinical, Sales 
  • Executive Directors, Branch Management 
  • Administrators 
  • Clinical Managers 
  • Regional and Area Leaders 
  • Other Executive and Leadership Positions 

Here are some of the most FAQs regarding interim management: 

What is interim management? 

  • Interim management is a flexible and temporary form of management that helps organizations to fill a gap in their leadership. It involves hiring an experienced and skilled manager on a short-term basis to complete a project, manage a department for a period of time, or aid in an important organizational transition. 

What are the benefits of interim management? 

  • The benefits of interim management are extensive. The most common and immediate benefits that clients report to us are cost savings, flexibility, and the quickness of a solution in the time when a solution is needed most.  

How can I find the right interim manager for my agency? 

  • You will find the right interim manager for your agency if you work with an organization that specifically specializes in your needs. SimiTree Talent Solutions is the only healthcare recruitment and executive search firm dedicated solely to home health, hospice, and behavioral health. Our experts that would assist in your hiring and searching process have been working in your field for years and know the right qualities to look for and the right questions to ask.  

What is the typical duration of an interim management assignment?  

  • This varies depending on the needs of your agency or organization. Most interim management assignments typically last 3-6 months, however, some may last a few years depending on agency needs.  

Read more about SimiTree’s interim management services. Keep reading for three direct and immediate benefits of hiring a leader through SimiTree. 

3 reasons interim leaders can save your healthcare organization in a vital time 

We've outlined the three immediate benefits an interim hire could provide your agency.

Providing immediate expertise and leadership 

One of the most significant benefits of interim management is the ability to provide immediate expertise and leadership. Interim managers are highly experienced and qualified professionals who are able to step into a leadership role and take charge from day one. They possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to assess the situation quickly and provide effective solutions to the challenges that an agency may be facing. This is especially important in healthcare agencies where there is little room for error, and where the need for expert leadership is critical.  

Maintaining business continuity 

Another significant advantage of interim management is the ability to maintain business continuity. When a key leadership position is left vacant, there is a risk that the agency's operations will be disrupted, leading to potential negative impacts on patient care and staff morale. Interim managers can step in quickly to ensure that the agency's operations continue to run smoothly and that the quality of patient care remains high. This is essential in healthcare agencies where every minute counts and where the impact of any disruption can be significant. Read more about how interim managers fill the gap in stressful times in our previous blog post, ‘Interim Managers fill gap in tight labor market’.  

Facilitating change and transformation 

Interim managers can also facilitate change and transformation within healthcare agencies. They bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table and are able to work with staff and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and implement new processes and systems. This is particularly important in healthcare agencies where there is a need for continuous improvement and innovation in order to stay ahead of the curve. Speaking of change and transformation, interim managers can lead agencies through mergers and be the root of successful integrations. Read more on our top ten tips for successful integration. 

How can SimiTree help?  

At SimiTree, we provide interim leadership in a variety of roles for home health, hospice, behavioral health, palliative care, and more throughout the county.  We find top talent to fill roles including CEO, CFO, COO, VP of operations, executive director, administrator, quality director, and others, all the way down to the clinical manager level. 

Whatever the gap you’re experiencing, we can fill it. An interim leader can step in,  ensure business continuity, support teams when there is a shortfall, fill in major gaps, implements, assists in strategic direction, and more. They coach, teach, mentor emerging leaders, and support organizations when there is a short supply of leaders. Turn to SimiTree Talent Solutions in times of transition. 

Our team is excited to talk to you about interim management for your agency. Contact us with the form below or with the following information: 

Email Wayne Regan at wregan@simitreehc.com. To learn more about Talent Solutions and our variety of services, visit our website 


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