Top 3 Struggles with OASIS-E: How to overcome increased workload, new data sets, and more

Are you struggling with OASIS-E? Do you find yourself facing challenges with understanding the documentation for indications of use, or the amount of time it takes your team to complete and review? It sounds like you may be on the ‘struggle bus.’ If you are, you’re not alone.

The accuracy of OASIS-E data is crucial for many reasons, including the quality of patient care, the ability of agencies to meet regulatory requirements, and the reimbursement of services provided. OASIS-E data is used to determine payment rates for Medicare home health services and is also publicly reported on Home Health Compare, a website that allows patients and their families to compare the quality of care provided by different home health agencies.

In this blog post, we will discuss the top three issues that clinicians face when completing OASIS-E and provide solutions so you can feel rest assured and supported when navigating this still-new territory throughout the year. In a rush? Watch our video on this topic now, featuring J'non Griffin, Principal and SVP, Coding! 


Struggle 1: Not understanding documentation for indications of use: Why you need to know everything

Do you have the necessary documentation from the provider? Does the patient know why they are taking the medication? We want to have that individualized care, and more importantly, we want to prevent:

  • Adverse events
  • ER visits
  • Readmissions

It's important to understand the purpose and intended effects of any medication a patient is taking, and to ensure that the patient and caregivers are informed as well. This not only helps with adherence and compliance, but it also allows for better monitoring of potential side effects and interactions with other medications.

Not to mention, having a thorough understanding of the medications being used can help clinicians make informed decisions about care planning and management.

While OASIS-E does not require some of these important need-to-know factors, it is and always will be best practice to understand and explain to the patient and caregivers why a given medication was assigned and used.

The solution: So, what can you do? Be sure. Call the physician or call the provider to understand why the patient is taking that medication. Explain it to your patient.

Struggle 2: Added time and pressure: OASIS-E training to avoid lower reimbursement

Let’s talk about the time it takes to complete OASIS-E. With many more items than its predecessor, it can be a daunting task, and timing is crucial. Especially now that we are in our first performance year of value-based purchasing, we need to ensure that our outcomes reflect our performance years accurately. This adds to increased pressure and the need to complete OASIS-E correctly. Inaccurate or incomplete OASIS-E data can result in penalties or lower reimbursements, as well as harm to patients if their care is not appropriately tailored to their needs.

The solution: To ensure that OASIS-E data is correct, home health agencies must provide proper education and training to their staff, ensure consistency in data collection across different clinicians and departments, and have processes in place for reviewing and auditing data to identify and address errors. Not ready to outsource? Take advantage of free training, education, and development from the experts at SimiTree. Visit our Webinars page to view an assortment of OASIS-E-related videos.

With the right experts on your side, you are not far from improving the quality of care you provide and meeting regulatory requirements.

Struggle 3: Changes in the data set and data collection process: Training and EHR optimization

One of the last most common issues that people are facing with OASIS-E is related to the changes in the data set and the data collection process. OASIS-E includes some new items that were not present in the previous version (OASIS-D1) and has modified some of the existing items as well. As a result, agencies may need to update their data collection procedures (such as standardized testing such as BIMS/CAM, and additional SDoH information), staff training, and software systems to ensure they are accurately capturing and reporting the required data.

Since the new items may require more thorough assessments and documentation, agencies are facing challenges with ensuring consistency in data collection across different clinicians and departments.

The solution: Like we said before, training, and perhaps considering optimizing the electronic health record (EHR) software used. EHR systems have a crucial role in the accurate and efficient collection of OASIS-E data. As you may already know, they allow clinicians to document and report data in a standardized way and provide automated data validation and error checking. Optimizing your EHR can improve the efficiency and quality of care provided to patients. It can also save time and reduce errors, ultimately leading to better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. Learn more about EHR optimization with SimiTree.

*It’s important to note that not all EHR systems are designed to support the collection and reporting of OASIS-E data. It’s up to you and your agency or your outsourcing partner to ensure that your EHR system is updated to support OASIS-E items and has the necessary features to facilitate accurate and efficient data collection and reporting. You may need to consider optimizing your EHR system. Have questions about your EHR?

How SimiTree Can Help

Not to worry—considering all these struggles, and perhaps the biggest one, the added time needed to complete OASIS-E, SimiTree provides education around OASIS-E, and our coding and OASIS experts provide you with multiple options.

You can outsource your coding and review work to our onshore or global team, both with over 97% accuracy rates in reviewing. Let us help you navigate the challenges of OASIS-E, so you can avoid any costly mistakes, save time, and more importantly, focus on providing the best possible care for your patients.


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