Revolutionizing HHVBP Success with Targeted OASIS Education

In 2023, a Pennsylvania homecare agency faced significant challenges in Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) metrics, particularly within OASIS measures. SimiTree, a leader in healthcare consulting, stepped in to revolutionize its approach and drive success in VBP performance.

The VBP Challenge

This home health agency struggled with complex OASIS metrics, posing risks of negative payment adjustments. SimiTree identified the need for targeted education to elevate individual clinician performance, which is crucial for achieving positive outcomes.

SimiTree's Strategic Intervention: A Preview

Leveraging data-driven insights, SimiTree implemented a tailored approach, focusing on high-impact metrics like Feeding, Toilet Transfer, and Ambulation. SimiTree aimed to enhance assessment accuracy and improve patient outcomes by honing in on specific clinicians and providing personalized education.

Quantifying HHVBP Success

Post-intervention results show promising improvements across key metrics, with many locations exceeding national averages post-education. This success underscores the potential for transformative change in VBP performance through targeted OASIS education.

Concrete Benefits for the Agency

 SimiTree's intervention directly impacts the agency's Star Ratings and VBP scores, positioning them favorably for future success. Beyond metrics, enhanced patient care and financial outcomes are on the horizon.

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How SimiTree Can Help

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SimiTree offers comprehensive solutions for home health agencies seeking to elevate their VBP performance through targeted OASIS education. Contact us today to discover how SimiTree can help your agency thrive in the value-based purchasing landscape.