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Maximize visit utilization and staffing management for Home Health agencies.

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Rethinking the way we deliver care through data-driven solutions.

At SimiTree, we understand that providing optimal patient care is more challenging than ever, with reduced reimbursement rates, staffing shortages, and an increasingly complex patient population. That's why we're dedicated to empowering the way home healthcare is delivered through medical data analytics and data-driven solutions.

SimiTree Compass brings an innovative approach to home healthcare planning by providing clear and meaningful information to agencies to make informed, data-driven decisions for appropriate and efficient patient care.

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Better data means better care.

Use easily accessible data on industry-standard levels of care specific to patient profiles.

  • Access feedback early in the patient care process
  • Get a broader perspective of typical care patterns for better decision-making (unlike products with a narrower view of data)
  • Receive more helpful, meaningful guidance from our guiderails
  • Look up information based on general patient conditions
  • Get a more specific view of the anticipated resource needs using the patient’s profile once the OASIS is locked
  • National standard visit levels by discipline and more
  • Determine the likelihood of a second care period/episode or a low utilization payment adjustment
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Inform care-plan decisions

Check the appropriateness of care plans and refine as needed. If the volume or mix of visits scheduled is higher or lower than the standard, quickly identify the variability to determine if it's right for the specific patient’s needs.

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Align documentation with resource management activities

Provide a resource for clinicians, especially those new to home health, to feel confident in their care planning and visit scheduling through norm comparison and feedback on how care is typically provided to patients with a similar clinical profile.

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Systematize review of patient documentation accuracy

If the care plan is higher than the industry standard, consider if the patient was inaccurately assessed, which may have resulted in an incorrect Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) clinical characterization of the patient, resulting in underpayment.

Results and predictions when you need them.

SimiTree Compass is a unique offering in the home health industry. We have honed the way we analyze and present the data for the most meaningful feedback. No matter your team size, where you are, patient volume, or software situation, SimiTree Compass is there to support you:

Access feedback earlier in the delivery of care. SimiTree Compass allows you to pull visit utilization guiderails with just the clinical group and source/timing information for the patient case, rather than requiring a locked OASIS assessment. This means you get medical data analytics to use for care planning purposes 3-7 days earlier.

Enjoy clarity and ease of use. SimiTree Compass offers data in a user-friendly online interface. This EMR software-agnostic platform lets you easily look up utilization data specific to your patient's characteristics with only a few clicks from drop-down lists. Compass organizes and presents data consistent with the way most clinicians and clinical managers think about the delivery of care — so it’s faster to apply feedback in the report to the decisions you make in the real world. Additionally, anyone on your team who can benefit from the data has access without needing per-seat user licensing.

Benefit from defined, flexible recommendations. Pull guiderails based on a narrower or more comprehensive profile of the patient. Understand utilization standards for 30-day PDGM care periods, 60-day certification episodes, or full cases of care. Set your feedback to higher or lower standards, instead of adapting your activities to meet the data’s default format. Utilize data in a manner that provides the most value for your processes, or the needs of an individual patient or clinician.

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Made for your home health agency needs.

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You might find SimiTree Compass helpful if you are:

  • Struggling with margins and working hard to ensure that the amount of services you are providing aligns with reimbursement and patient needs

  • Looking to improve consistency, predictability, and patient outcomes with better management of care delivery

  • Juggling management of too many clinicians and feeling like you don’t have the time to adequately reconcile patient needs and services planned
  • Wanting to make hard conversations with clinicians about their care-planning decisions easier and could use data to depersonalize and facilitate the conversations
  • Managing a lot of clinicians new to home health who would benefit from extra confidence as they determine the appropriate level of care for their patients

  • Seeking to improve clinical team communication and collaboration with data-informed feedback

  • Pursuing enhanced productivity, streamlined operations, consistency in care delivery, increased predictability, and elevated decision-making confidence

Whom we serve.

SimiTree Compass is perfect for home health agencies interested in using data to inform care delivery decisions.

Are you a clinical or operational manager trying to get a grip on your team’s activities? A clinician planning care for three new admissions today? A financial or operational manager struggling with money-in/money-out problems? Or a clinical manager debating care decisions? Compass was made for you — because it depersonalizes conversations about care choices, removes guesswork, and adds trusted intelligence to your daily routine.


Clinical leaders

Clinical leaders looking to support individuals making care-planning decisions in order to ensure appropriate delivery of care


Operational leaders

Operational and care leaders wanting to create more consistency and predictability in care delivery


Financial leaders

Financial and operational leaders looking to ensure financially responsible visit utilization decisions and staff management practices


Case managers

Case managers developing care plans or clinical managers reviewing and managing care plans and care delivery

What you get.

SimiTree Compass delivers many powerful features for a healthier home healthcare agency.

  • Detailed feedback on national utilization patterns for similar patients by entering the patient’s HHRG OR clinical group and source/timing at admission
  • Medical data analytics for care planning decision support
    • Likelihood of a 2nd care period
    • Likelihood of a LUPA in the 1st or 2nd care period
    • National standard visits utilization
      • Range of total, SN, and PT visits
      • Frequency of any OT, ST, MSW, and HHA visits, and average visits for each discipline when that discipline is a part of care
      • Broken out for various components of care:
        • During the 1st and 2nd care periods
        • During the 1st 60-day certification period as a whole
        • During the full course of care
        • Option to show the 3rd and 4th care periods’ breakdown