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Business Intelligence Built for Behavioral Health

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The power of behavioral health analytics right at your fingertips.

Imagine if your billing and claims data could do more for you. Now it can.

Offered as a part of our mental health billing and claims management services, the SimiTree Behavioral Health RCM business intelligence solution puts you in control of your data with a robust dashboard and extensive customizable reports.

Understand your behavioral health business like never before with an extensive selection of filters, key performance indicators (KPIs), and a broad range of analyses.

You’ll get the power of behavioral health analytics right at your fingertips — putting you in the driver’s seat of your business.

Thoughtfully designed with behavioral health in mind.

You need a business intelligence tool built specifically for behavioral health analytics. We have you covered. Our RCM behavioral health business intelligence solution includes:

Key Performance Indicators

  • Claims per payer
  • Level of care by payer
  • Reasons for denial
  • Volume of charges
  • Volume of payments

Extensive Selection of Filters

  • Date of service
  • Entered date
  • Facility
  • Level of care
  • Notes codes
  • Patient network
  • Payer
  • Status
  • State

Broad Range of Analyses

  • Charges count evolution year over year
  • Last days billed versus previous month versus previous year
  • Level-of-care analysis by payer
  • Month over month
  • Month-by-month claim-close performance
  • Patient charges and days evolution
  • Percent pay-rate evolution
  • Quarter over quarter
  • Year over year

Custom Exportable Reports

  • AR collections aging
  • Charges and payment details
  • End-of-month summaries
  • In-house customizable report development
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Ready to level up your business intelligence game?

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Having the data is one thing. But knowing what to do with it means leveling up.

That’s where our client success team comes in.

We can help you use your data to its fullest potential, answering your most burning questions about your organization’s financial health, like:

  • Why are my mental health billing claims getting denied?
  • Why is my behavioral health organization getting paid less than it should?
  • How long have my mental health organization’s accounts receivables been outstanding?
  • And much more
  • Contact us today for a FREE demo to see how our RCM business intelligence solution can enhance your behavioral health business.