Consultant Spotlight: Camala Mueller, Senior Manager of Growth Solutions

Welcome to our Consultant Spotlight series, where we take a closer look at the remarkable individuals who contribute to the success of SimiTree's innovative solutions. Today, we are excited to feature Camala Mueller, RN BSN CDP, Senior Manager of Growth Solutions in our Consulting team. Camala's role is imperative to our relationship with our clients and involves collaborating with various teams to create tools to help agencies succeed.

With a wealth of experience and a passion for transforming healthcare, Camala's expertise brings valuable insights to SimiTree’s strategic recommendations. Join us as we follow Camala's professional journey, and learn from her insights and the advice she has to offer in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare and growth solutions.

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Can you tell us about your role with SimiTree and how you contribute to the solutions the company offers?

         As a Senior Manager on the Growth Solutions team in Consulting, I interact with clients on many levels. From assessment and implementation to training and transitional leadership, my passion is to help individuals and agencies in the business development area of the home care world to grow their businesses efficiently and effectively. Our team works very closely with the clinical and financial consulting teams to provide clients with strategic and detailed recommendations that bring them closer to a place of best practice within the industry.


How would you describe the company culture at SimiTree? What makes our team culture stand out from others?

         SimiTree’s rapid growth and expansion has created a company culture that is in the midst of identifying itself and that’s exciting!  The fact that we all live in so many different areas of the country makes us unique in that we can leverage local insights from one another around anything from culture and market demographics to industry regulations.


What inspired you to pursue a career in your field, and how did you get started in the home health and hospice industry?

         I went to nursing school as a second career with a plan to become a nurse midwife. During school, I became a home health and hospice aide and realized what a difference I could make in the lives of patients and families wanting to remain in their homes while navigating life-limiting illnesses. The holistic aspect of home care nursing really resonated with me, and that passion led me to continue to pursue nursing roles within home care.


We'd love to hear about some of your most memorable consulting experiences in the home health and hospice field and how they have shaped your problem-solving approach.

         My transitional leadership roles in hospice growth have been the most memorable as I guide agencies through embracing a true growth culture that breaks down silos and fosters positivity within the whole organization. For me, it is so rewarding to assist them with embracing sometimes difficult changes that end up facilitating the goals they are seeking.

I have learned that there really isn’t anything that truly surprises me about what our clients share with us, including some very dysfunctional processes. This has taught me to listen more carefully when working with clients and really dig deeper when something doesn’t seem to make sense.


For someone considering a career in your field but unsure where to start, what advice would you give them?

         Never stop learning!  Embrace new projects and roles outside your comfort zone. As a consultant, there is nothing more valuable than having walked in the shoes of your client. Working in multiple roles then allows you to be the bridge-builder!  


In your work, how important is empathy, and how do you manage to balance client expectations with the internal operations aspects of consulting?

         Having worked in and through the challenges that many of our clients are facing provides empathy for how they may have gotten into the situation they are in. Using that to set realistic expectations together with the client from the very beginning of a project then sets the tone for all the stakeholders. Ensuring that expectations are realistic to both the client and our internal operations throughout the duration of the project provides that balance between the two.  


What do you consider the most important qualities for success in your line of work, and how can individuals develop these traits?

         Qualities that are important for success in nursing are very similar to those that drive success in consulting. It’s mostly about outstanding communication – listening, being direct, knowing your audience, and confirming your understanding – all with the goal of developing a trusting relationship.

Developing these traits requires taking a good look at yourself, mindfulness in conversations, practice, asking for feedback, and being willing to accept constructive criticism.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Any hobbies or activities you're passionate about?

         My husband and I have seven grown children who live all around the country so visiting and spending time with them is definitely the most fun! I live in a small town outside Chicago where I grew up and have had a lifelong love of the Great Lakes. When I’m not spending time with family and friends, you will find me hiking my favorite spots along the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior during all seasons of the year. If I must be indoors, I enjoy reading, sewing, creating video memories, and weaving.


Camala Mueller's dedication to home care and hospice consulting has had a significant impact on the growth of the agencies we partner with and the success of our consulting services. Her genuine empathy and holistic approach to healthcare have fostered positive transformations for clients, enabling them to embrace change and achieve their goals. As we wrap up this Consultant Spotlight blog, we extend our gratitude to Camala for sharing her experiences and expertise. Her commitment to continuous learning and pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone is an inspiration to aspiring consultants in the field. Stay tuned to learn about SimiTree’s team of remarkable consultants who are driving innovation and excellence in their respective domains. Until next time!


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