What are the 4 elements of QAPI?

Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) is a vital aspect of the healthcare industry. It is a process that aims to improve the quality of care and services provided to patients. The QAPI program is a requirement for healthcare providers, including nursing homes, home health agencies, and hospices, to improve their care quality and safety. In today’s post, we explore the main elements of QAPI and how SimiTree can help. With our expert guidance and support, you can boost satisfaction, achieve regulatory compliance, and enhance patient care. In addition to QAPI outsourcing, SimiTree Coding and OASIS experts are here to offer you a range of solutions for your home health or hospice agency.  

What are the main elements of a QAPI program? 

SimiTree’s consulting experts are here to help each step of the way. Although all programs are customized to meet an agency’s specific needs, the four main elements generally include: 

  1. Design and scope of the program: Developing a plan that includes goals, objectives, and strategies to improve the quality of care. 
  2. Governance and leadership: Identifying the leaders responsible for the QAPI program and establishing a structure to manage the program. 
  3. Feedback, data systems, and monitoring: Collecting data on the quality of care provided to patients and using that data to identify areas of improvement. 
  4. Performance improvement projects: Developing and implementing strategies to improve the quality of care. 

What makes the QAPI program difficult?  Should I outsource my QAPI needs? 

QAPI can be used to raise total performance score under value-based purchasing (VBP), address agency vulnerabilities, and more. If you’re not making the most of your program, you are missing the potential to boost performance-related pay–affecting your home health and hospice bottom line. Outsourcing can free up agency resources while SimiTree takes care of all the details. To learn more about value-based purchasing services at SimiTree, visit our website 

The QAPI program involves a systematic approach to quality assurance and performance improvement. It is designed to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to improve the quality of care provided to patients. Having in place an effective QAPI program can help boost star ratings, and improve performance scores under value-based purchasing. By targeting those poor-performing measures, SimiTree can develop performance improvement plans specific to your population. Many agencies struggle with implementation and the labor-intensive monitoring and updating required. Thankfully, you can trust SimiTree to handle your QAPI needs. Our services include: 

  • QAPI Program Development 
  • QAPI Program Assessment 
  • Management/Staff Training 
  • Individualized Performance Improvement Plans 
  • Full QAPI Outsourcing 
  • Support services 

Our experts will meet with your agency, identify your needs, vulnerabilities, goals, and assess your resources, and then create a customizable and tailored plan to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a startup home health agency, a hospice agency that just celebrated 20 years, or another healthcare agency that’s just merged with a larger organization, you have some serious monitoring and updating required. That’s where SimiTree comes in.  

If you have any questions or you would like to explore how we can get your QAPI program up and running, call us today at 800.949.0388 or submit a contact form below for a consultation. 

Why trust SimiTree? CHAP Verification and ACHC accredited 

In 2022, SimiTree was awarded the prestigious “CHAP Verified” status by Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) for its Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program. 

“Through SimiTree’s QAPI program, we show home health and hospice agencies how to drive patient engagement and satisfaction, improve clinical expertise, raise total performance scores under VBP, address agency vulnerabilities, and more," said J’non Griffin, SimiTree Principal and Senior Vice President, Coding and OASIS. “We’re honored to receive this recognition for our QAPI team’s expertise, who are knowledgeable in developing and tracking data-based performance improvement projects and support.” Read more about our CHAP verification here. 

SimiTree is also ACHC Certified in the QAPI Program. In recognition of demonstrating compliance with the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), SimiTree is a QAPI-certified practice, demonstrating our commitment to quality for patients, payers, and the medical community. 

How SimiTree can help 

SimiTree helps agencies develop effective programs to address quality of care in key areas scored by payers, including bed and toilet transfers, bathing, re-hospitalizations, and more. If you’d like to learn more about specific services to share with your team, download our QAPI sell sheet today. 

With the nationwide rollout of the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Program, QAPI has the potential to boost performance-related pay adjustments. It can also assist agencies with infection control measures and bring additional value to ongoing efforts to comply with OSHA safety standards. Learn more. 

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