SimiTree’s 4 Ways to Attract & Retain Top Talent

The home health, hospice, and behavioral health industries are facing unprecedented challenges in finding and retaining talent in a highly competitive market, and that competition is not slowing down. According to recent workforce statistics, the demand for healthcare professionals is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, and the number of job seekers in these fields is also expected to increase. One of the most pressing issues is finding and retaining talent in a highly competitive market.  

In response to these challenges, experts from our Talent Solutions team at SimiTree have put together this quick blog to share valuable insights and guidance and help agencies succeed in this new market. Here are the top takeaways and tips for agencies to consider. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals understands the healthcare industry and its unique talent needs because they’ve been focused on it for years. 


Step 1: Emphasize Employee Retention 

Employee retention is essential for home health and behavioral health agencies to succeed in this market. With high turnover rates in the healthcare industry, employee retention is essential for agencies to maintain a stable workforce and provide high-quality care to patients. One of the best ways to retain employees is to create a positive work environment–make your employees happy! Agencies should provide opportunities for employee growth and development, recognition for hard work, and open communication channels. Here are some ways to boost morale: 

  • Increase team communication: Make sure your managers are meeting with their employees on a regular basis to ensure ongoing communication. Specific expectations, such as SMART goals, as well as routine workload checks are essential for employees and their managers alike. How will you know if your employees are happy if you aren’t asking? There is no such thing as over-communicating to your team!

  • Consider your PTO policy: Is your PTO policy working for everyone? Do employees have time to refresh? Are managers allowed time to refresh? Does anyone take the time they have? A well-rested employee is a hard-working employee. If you noticed yourself pausing to answer these questions, consider meeting with HR or reassessing. You need a plan of action to better serve the mental health of your workers. If there is no wiggle room as far as vacation time, some companies establish an ‘It’s okay day’ or a ‘Mental health day’ in packages of 3-5. No questions asked, employees can take time for themselves on short notice. This is a relief for many employees who haven’t initiated time off for themselves. When they return refreshed, you’ll both be happier.
  • Employee Engagement Surveys: These surveys are a great way to put your “thumb on the pulse” of the organization. They should be done at least annually and consider using an outside firm to complete them. The data executives receive from a well-performed survey is key to building a positive company culture. One point to consider – The most important thing about these surveys is to act on the data acquired. If employees don’t see leadership taking action on any weak areas, they will become less engaged.

  • Recognition and praise: There is no better way to build the morale of your team than to offer genuine recognition and praise for the hard work they have done.  

By prioritizing employee satisfaction, agencies can reduce turnover rates and create a stable workforce that provides continuity of care to patients. 

Step 2: Use Technology to Your Advantage

Technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry, and it can also be a valuable tool for home health and behavioral health agencies. Utilizing digital tools can streamline processes, reduce administrative burden, and improve communication between staff and patients.  

Hundreds of agencies across the country turn to SimiTree experts to assess and implement telehealth solutions, electronic health records, and other digital tools to improve efficiency and patient outcomes. What makes SimiTree different? Our knowledge and experience. We offer: 

  • Extensive knowledge of all major EHRs 
  • Project management, change management, and transition services 
  • Process analysis, including redesign for optimal workflow 
  • Full support services during integration, including interim staffing 
  • Customized user training to fully support client goals 
  • Measurable goals to track integration and user efficiency 

If you’re looking for a company that understands ongoing education and prioritizes digitization, our expertise is deep. SimiTree hosts podcasts and webinars and offers ongoing training materials, all complimentary, in various outsourcing areas, including but not limited to Coding and OASIS, OASIS E, growth solutions, telehealth billing guidelines, and offers IT Consulting for various EHR needs. Watch SimiTree's industry-leading consultants break down relevant and timely topics to support home health and hospice teams with the knowledge required for success in a heavily regulated field of care. Access all past webinars on our website here 

Healthcare innovation is a must. Don’t get left behind and watch as your employees and clients suffer due to delayed technological implementation and training.  

Step 3: Offer a Competitive Salary and Be Upfront About Compensation  

Good compensation is important because it serves as a motivating factor for employees to work hard and perform better. Bad compensation could be the last straw for an unhappy employee, and ultimately the reason they decide to leave. A desirable salary, one that is competitive in today’s market and in a particular industry, is also key to attracting top talent in your agency.  

Being upfront about salary in job offerings is essential as it saves time and effort for both employers and job seekers by avoiding misunderstandings and disappointments later in the hiring process. It also establishes transparency and trust between the employer and the potential employee.  

Compensation is and can be fluid. Don’t allow this factor to become a reason someone would leave your agency or organization.  

Step 4: Support Employees to Pursue Professional and Leadership Development  

According to a Business News Daily article, businesses with professional development opportunities have higher retention rates and a higher chance to attract better talent.  

Professional development leaders to more confidence in employees, which translates into higher overall job satisfaction, employee performance, productivity, and overall morale.  Employees who pursue professional development in their careers tend to have higher productivity and job satisfaction. 

Employers should create opportunities for formal and informal professional development. 

Some professional development programs include “lunch and learns,” internal mentorships, company or industry expert speakers, and online programs. 

How can SimiTree help?  

If your agency is challenged with talent acquisition and retention, here are three ways SimiTree can help you. 

Utilize interim management/interim leadership in times of need 

Another key takeaway for agencies is to leverage interim management solutions to fill staffing gaps. Our seasoned team of experts has more than 100 years of combined experience in this industry and can provide interim management solutions to help agencies bridge staffing gaps during times of high demand or employee turnover.  

SimiTree’s interim management solutions can provide agencies with experienced healthcare professionals who can step in and provide high-quality care to patients while the agency searches for a permanent replacement. Learn more about interim management at SimiTree 

Executive search and management recruiting 

As the nation’s top recruiting and executive search entity focusing exclusively on the home health, hospice, and behavioral health fields, SimiTree fills a unique niche in the talent field. 

SimiTree places talent 20 percent faster than most firms — because of thorough knowledge of the markets, market dynamics, and their unique challenges, while maintaining an extensive and impressive proprietary network of qualified candidates. 

SimiTree delivers what other healthcare recruiting and placement firms can’t: an exclusive focus on the leadership needed for home health, hospice, and behavioral health. With expertise across the entire market spectrum — from the latest M&A activity in the field to current guidance on the newest regulations — you get a distinct advantage in sourcing candidates. SimiTree understands what it takes to effectively lead organizations because SimiTree experts know the market so well and know where to find leaders who can fill those roles. Learn more about SimiTree’s recruiting and executive search solutions now.  

Retention advisory services  

SimiTree assists clients in developing insights and strategies to hold onto their talented employees, reduce costs and accelerate growth. 

SimiTree delivers: 

  • Market data and insight to make strategic decisions impacting recruitment and retention 
  • Assessments of key areas for industry comparison 
  • Customized assessment tools for measuring employee satisfaction 
  • Strategic guidance for leadership development 

Our services include: 

  • Compensation and Benefits Package Analysis 
  • Customized Employee Engagement Surveys 
  • Leadership Development Programs 

 Learn more about our retention strategies and services. 

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